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About us

Diederik B.C. Jaspers and Benno A.M van Dongen invented this new SOFC design during their Master thesis at Delft University of Technology in the Inorganic Chemistry Faculty of prof. dr. J. Schoonman. In a first seed capital phase the design was patented and the technical feasibility was proven experimentally. After this, the ceramic mass production technology and cell stack were developed in cooperation with Philips/CoorsTek.

We seek investors for building a prototype for demonstrating industrial partner clients who clearly benefit from new fuel cell technology, enhancing their products i.e. in cable, telecom, electric vehicles and domestic heater appliances (micro-CHP).

Diederik Jaspers                     Benno van Dongen


SOFC.nl Holding B.V. can be contacted by E-mail info@sofc.nl to the attention of:   Ir. B.C. (Diederik) Jaspers MBA.