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SOFC's in General

+ SOFC.nl Breakthrough winner of the Adaptive Power Challenge Prize on Demand Response!
+ SOFC.nl welcomes Wouter van Neerbos as CEO and Wouter Leefers as CMO of Circonica
+ Circonica B.V. founded as operating company for SOFC.nl
+ Winning Breakthrough Adaptive Power Challange Prize 2018, thank you sponsors Liberty Global and Comcast!
+ Meet SOFC.nl October 23-26 2018 at the SCTE Cable-Tec Booth Z3 in Atlanta!
+ Sponsor Liberty Global and all visitors who visited the SOFC.nl booth, thank you!
+ Liberty Global intends development partership for telecom appication and invited SOFC.nl at Denver SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2017
+ Electrode mold purchased and ready for first series production
+ Development partner Philips Lighting Uden acquired by CoorsTek
+ New full scale CIM electrodes flow designed with partner Philips Lighting Uden
+ SOFC.nl Holding B.V. now incorporates energy consultancy activities in field of Waste-to-Fuel (hydrocracking of waste)
+ US based SOFC competitor Bloom Energy attracts 1 bn$ funding indicating enormous SOFC market potential
+ Fuel cell stack with optimized power production
+ CIM mass production techniques for active elements demonstrated at Philips AppTech
+ Cooperation started with FiWiHex and Innecs gasturbines in field of
   SOFC-HELP-recuperated GT hybrid development
+ Senter-NOVEM study finalised with Dutch EECT BV to integrate SOFC-HELP
   with 50+ % efficient Heron gas turbine (SOFC-GT hybrid)
+ External study confirms attractive low cost potential using CIM mass production
+ New ultra-thin electrolyte types were identified for performance tests
+ Competitor Sulzer-Hexis micro-CHP development financing was halted
+ Anode material conduction significantly improved to very acceptable level.
+ SOFC seems to win in market focus over PEM for -CHP applications,
   because it can directly use natural gas feeds
+ Conventional SOFC types halt development due to high production cost
   inherent to the concept of sinter bonding.
+ Cell testing has been started with internal reforming compliant materials.
+ Loose contact feasability has been proven showing excellent conductivity!

This website has been last updated February 17th, 2019.

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