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Welcome to SOFC.nl Holding B.V. fuel cells.

A novel SOFC type fuel cell, invented by Jaspers and van Dongen



Breakthrough Winner Adaptive Power Challenge 2018 SCTE CableTec Expo

SCTE CableTec 2019
Welcome at the 2019 SCTE CableTec Expo in New Orleans
in Booth I8

We present a novel Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) with Hollow Electrodes and Loose Plates (HELP) which:

  • has ultra low cost by use of loose stacking of single material elements
  • has ultra low cost by use of conventional ceramic injection molding manufacturing techniques (CIM)
  • enables direct internal reforming of fuel feeds (DIR)
  • solves the sinter bonding related cracking and material compatibility problems
    which are common in existing "conventional" SOFC designs
  • increases reliability with pressure resistant electrode chambers
  • the non-monolythic design poses a large freedom of material choice
  • its tubular connectors prevent gas leakages at the manifolds
  • This site explains how this new Solid Oxide Fuel Cell design solves cracking and material compatibility problems during thermal cycling, shows its electrochemistry and mentions several interesting fields of application. Also it is revealed how a high degree of reliability can be gained and why application of a currently available and thus cost effective injection molding production technique can be used.

    Interesting possibilities arise for wide application of SOFC's in the field of environmental friendly and efficient energy conversion of a range of fossil fuels, bio-fuels as well as renewable hydrogen. Thus, it very well serves the seemless transition from the current fossil energy economy into a sustainable energy economy.


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